testing the telescope on a hot day

Hi, so I’m getting a bit behind on these updates.

It’s been HOT in london.  We tested the telescope the other day by sending Edo down the Thames and seeing if we could see him at various places, here is the itinerary:-


So the red marker on the left is the telescope then we have the OXO building, Blackfriars Bridge, Southwark Bridge, Millenium Bridge, London Bridge then finally Tower Bridge.

I had him hold up a sign at each bridge, the original idea was for him to hold up a sign with the name of each bridge on, but having written the first sign ‘OXO’ we stuck with it because you wouldn’t have been able to read the writing if it was any smaller.

So here he is at OXO building which is 570 metres away


It’s very blurry.  This is due to there being a huge amount of vibration from the building below during the day, and also because there is a significant heat haze, and probably due to the fact that we are looking over the thames, etc etc.  more later.

We then sent him to Blackfriar’s bridge which is 840 metres awayblackfriars2

not very good…  but we (me and Sunayana, the new student helping me) were enjoying making him run around.  So we sent him onwards to Millennium Bridge (the wobbly one to the tate modern distance of 1220 m)…


Southwark bridge (distance of 1520 m)


London Bridge (the one the bankers go across like zombies) distance 1970m


and finally tower bridge, distance 2860 m


So you can see this isn’t great.  The main problem is the vibration and focusing and heat haze.  Have a look at this video of London Bridge 2 kilometres away :-

You will also be able to see Sunayana in that video.

We have been out at night since then, and we’ve had a bit more luck…. but more about that soon.

1 thought on “testing the telescope on a hot day

  1. Doesn’t look too bad to me Malcolm! Especially for a hot day and only single frame captures. I only once really tested mine on ground level objects from Fulham to the London eye (I think around 10km) and the heat haze (it was around 3 hours after sunset) meant barely any detail could be seen beyond the vague structure. Daytime lunar viewing though was always horrendous.
    Have you tested it at night now? Any lunar viewing yet? I used to find the seeing drastically improved around 0200 as things started quietening down and temperatures started to equalise. Glad to see it’s progressing well!

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