We have a telescope!


Here it is! (sunglasses for scale).  It’s called a celestron C14 and it’s about as big as you can buy without having people come round and build it for you, unless you are going to build something which is mounted on the floor called a Dobsonian. We want ours to fly around etc so that’s no good. So it comes with the optical tube


and the complicated motorised mount which is called a German Equatorial Mount

equatorial mount

equatorial mount

I don’t know what’s German about it.  It also comes with a completely useless tripod



which is also quite massive.  However, if you look at the top of the tripod you will see the raised cylindrical ring bit that you need to bolt the rest of the telescope onto.  I need to get my people to fabricate something that looks like that to attach to the top of the existing column.  So not much to report, I haven’t tried to get it going yet, haven’t had time…

1 thought on “We have a telescope!

  1. Best of luck with the new scope. I have the same setup,here in Romney, WV, USA. Where did you get your scope, lived in the UK for a while. Does the Telescope House still exist in downtown London. I bought my first scope, an LX200 from them in 1997. I replied to your question on the mount at Cloudy Nights, I’d try to get the screw in the mount to line up on the pier close to where you will polar aligned. You could use the tripod as a test and I found it to be quite sturdy, just massive!

    Hope it goes well for you.

    Dave M.

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